Empatix medical is an Cloud based ERP/EHR solution than unites the general practitioner, the medical clinics, the pharmacy suppliers, distributors and laboratories, and works on pads, phone and of course computers connected to Internet.

Empatix Medical covers a variety of medical services

  • From small solo practices to multiple medical centers with or without common purchasing policy, a mix of services, and hundreds of doctors, dentists, psychologists, acupuncturists and other healthcare providers
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacies
  • Laboratories
  • Health clinics/service of various types

Empatix Medical supports the in-house laboratory on the clinic or hospital, but throughout our 3 part laboratory module, hospitals, clinics and doctors can collaborate with external laboratories in real time.

If laboratory test that the doctor request, not is managed in-house, and the clinic or hospital manager have connected to one or several external laboratories in management module then the follow process will be available.

On the Clinic, Hospital or general practitioner side:

  • One button to select external laboratory
  • Sends patient data and test type electronic and print a laboratory order with address and Google map data so the patient easy can find the Laboratory. Depending on the agreement with the Laboratory, an appointment with the laboratory can also be generated at the same time
  • Receive test results and status update on examination order

On the Laboratory side:
  • Receive patient data and test types
  • Manage online appointments generated from clinics, hospitals and general practitioners
  • Write test results/upload picture and files
  • Send status back to examination order from clinic

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